The obesity epidemic is here. More and more adults are becoming overweight and diabetic every day. The problems related to overeating and under-metabolizing what we eat are enormous.

Dr. Tim Fischell

Hi, I’m Dr Tim Fischell,  Author of “Burn Calories While You Sleep”. Like most middle aged adults, when I entered my 40’s, I began to experience weight gain and loss of fitness, despite my usual efforts to “exercise.”

With this new approach to working out, and the adoption of some new common sense “rules” for eating, I was able to lose substantial weight, getting back to my high school graduation weight, but twice as strong, at age 56.

Re-ignite your Metabolism

“Burn Calories While You Sleep” is one of the first books that asks, and answers the question, “Why do we lose metabolic activity as we get older?”

This is a common sense book. The main focus of this book is to provide a set of rules or guidelines that can be imprinted in your brain to allow you to efficiently, become fit, healthy, energized, and feeling young.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why we tend to gain weight as we get older,
  • How to reverse this
  • How to change your metabolic rate
  • How to literally “burn calories while you sleep.”

Once you have achieved your weight and fitness goals, the maintenance phase of this program allows one to maintain this high level of fitness while working out for only 35-40 minutes twice a week (plus some other tips and tricks that take little or no time out of your day).

Learn Why Walking on a treadmill will not solve your weight problem

You will realize why fad diets and fad exercising do not work. You will also learn other incredible and simple pearls and tips about raising healthy and fit children, living longer, and staying young as you age. This book will provide a concise outline to achieve a healthier and more youthful future for you and your children. It is teachable, learnable and sustainable!

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